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At Flyboard Hamptons, we thrive by providing the highest quality customer service to each and every client. The safety and well-being of our customers is our number one priority. It’s our passion to provide the opportunity to experience our hometown from a unique vantage point with FlyBoard Instruction and Paddle Board Rentals. Our goal is to turn our customers into superheros and super fans of Flyboard Hamptons!

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We offer flyboarding packages starting at 10 minutes and ranging to an hour long experience!


The first six-person paddle board on Long Island can now be enjoyed by yourself and friends starting at just $30.

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Starting at just $15 for our basic package, get out on the water and do your own exploring!

We do more than just have fun, we create unforgettable experiences!

Flyboarding is more than just a fun sport, it’s an experience that you’ll never forget. Get some air-time with our team or sit back and watch the pro’s pull off one of a kind stunts, or perhaps a flyboard show with an LED suit. Whatever it is you are looking for, we promise that after working with our team at Flyboard Hamptons, you will be left with an experience you’ll never forget. Check out this video of our World Ranking Pro Plyboarder: Sean Ray, laying down an array of tricks that light up the night sky!

Enjoying the show? Want to schedule a Flyboard Show of your own for your special event or private yacht party? Whatever the occasion may be, we can do it!

Flyboard Shows

Got a few questions? Learn the basics in our How To Flyboard and our Q&A section.

If this is your first time Flyboarding with us, we know that you’ll have plenty of questions. But first please reference our FAQ section to get an understanding of the basics. By understanding the basics before you arrive it will help you get a grasp on how a flyboard works and what to expect on the day of your flight. As we love to say, “An informed flyer is a fun flyer!”

How To Flyboard

We value your questions and appreciate your feedback!

We always love to hear from our customers. Feel free to call us during business hours or email us anytime! At Flyboard Hamptons we strive to bring you the best experience for first timers and avid flyboarders alike. Hearing your feedback is not only appreciated, but its utilized as a way for us to continually improve our service for others.

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We spend a lot of time flying around! Don't spend time on your day of flight driving around trying to find the parking lot. We are easy to find however if you need help finding our location don't hesitate to contact​ us!

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